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Welcome to The Kelly Fit

My mission is to empower my clients on their fitness journey with enjoyable and tailored exercise classes.

I am an experienced instructor striving to create a supportive environment, ensuring each session is not just a workout but a vibrant social experience.  I believe in the transformative power of movement for a healthier, happier life. Join us as we embrace vitality together!

The Benefits

Discover a renewed vitality and improved well-being through our tailored exercise classes






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I provide a range of classes across Auckland, either within the community or within retirement villages

Community Based Classes

First class FOC (free of charge)

Community Based Classes - $10 per person

Concession Ticket (x 10 sessions) - $75

Personal Training - $60

All classes are 45mins

Retirement Villages

Wellness Managers/Community Group Managers

Classes per village - $130 (regardless of class size)

Residents - $5 per person or FOC (varies on village)

Non residents - $10 per person (if classes are open to the public)

Personal Training (residents only) - $40 per person

All classes are 45mins



Kelly McCormack

Phone:  021 226 6834


Location: Auckland,
New Zealand 

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